,   Ages 3-6

Learn to recognize Hebrew words related to Purim

Created by Beit Issie Shapiro


Activity Content:

1. Questions: פורים שמח
2. Questions: תערוכת 
תחפושות, COSTUME
3. Soundboard
4. Questions: ליצן, מלך, מלך, MELECH, LEITZAN, (Clown), (King)
5. Questions: ליצן, ליצן, נסיכה, NESICHA, (Princess), LEITZAN, (Clown)
6. Questions: נסיכה, מלך, נסיכה, NESICHA, (Princess), MELECH, (King)
7. Reading
8. Questions: מרדכי, מלך, מרדכי, Melech, Mordechai, Mordechai
9. Questions: אסתר, אסתר, Esther, Esther, Leitzan, ליצן
10. Questions: אחשוורוש, מלך, אחשוורוש, Achashverosh, Achashverosh, Melech
11. Questions: המן, המן, Haman, Haman, נסיכה, Nesicha
12. Soundboard
13. Questions: Purim Gift Baskets
14. Questions
15. Questions: The Book of Esther
16. Questions
17. Questions: Gifts to the Poor
18. Questions
19. Questions: The Purim Feast
20. Questions
21. Reading: חג שמח

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